Cloud kitchens, often also known as Ghost kitchens, Dark kitchens, virtual restaurants or Digital kitchens is a word used for digital restaurants and this industry is one of the fastest growing in the world and in India itself this could grow up to 2 Billion dollars by 2023

What is a Cloud Kitchen ?

A cloud…

Lock down — Torture or Teacher ?

An old friend died today, In a city 1000 miles away.

I don’t know the cause yet but I read on Facebook post comments that it wasn’t because of corona virus.

Will there be a funeral or will a gathering be allowed is…

India’s shameless economic stimulus package simplified !

This is how the figure of 20 Lakh crores was reached for economic stimulus package.

It is hard to understand what were the thoughts behind calling it a "stimulus package"

People would have rather appreciated a "relief package"

a. Giving loans to MSMEs…

Don’t get shocked !

Google is your friend too !

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Get inspired today

9 years back I made a Twitter profile and soon forgot about it as I didnt like the “context of one liners”

One liners were not powerful.

I was wrong

I am a fairly frequent user of LinkedIn, Quora and Instagram and was a user of Facebook until the Cambridge…

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Are you a start up or a small scale business without the support system of expensive lawyers on your side ?

Here is a crash course on points to take care of while signing a lease / rent agreement (India Specific)

A lease / rent agreement has different forms in…

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Once there lived a camel in the Zoo.

It gave birth to a baby camel.

One day, the baby asked : Mom, why do we have humps ?

Mother camel : Our humps are used to store water to survive in the desert.

Baby camel : Oh I see, what…

Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia were in San Francisco, unemployed & cash strapped having just moved from New York.

They were having trouble paying their rent and were looking for a way to earn some extra cash. …

In 2005, Alex Tew was a 21 year old student in England and about to begin his 3 year Business education program at University of Nottingham.

He was deeply worried about getting caught into a student debt trap that could take him years to pay back.

Sitting in front of…

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